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Guiding Star Dance foundation (GSDF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable arts foundation. It wishes to reach out to all communities present and dedicate its services and resources towards creating awareness and acceptance for various Indian dance forms in the Pittsburgh area. Founded in 2009, Guiding Star dance foundation (GSDF) wishes to introduce global audience to the cultural and traditional aspects of India through the medium of Indian dances. GSDF aims to solve current societal issues centered on immigrants assimilation, their struggles and successes and the added value that immigrants have brought to the United States of America.


  • Reach out to all communities and create awareness of Indian art forms (Dance & Music).
  • Educate American audience about Indian customs and traditions.
  • Create cultural partnership with various groups, languages and different forms of dancing.


  • To “create, perform and promote” rich Indian art and culture through original Indian musicals scripted in English with Indian dances.
  • To “Integrate” Indian cultural aspects in the show.
  • To support the “cultural partnership” by having a diversity in the organization members and offer opportunities to American artists to learn and get involved.

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The vision of the Guiding Star Dance foundation is to further the reach of Indian dance forms by establishing an extended cultural community that provides dance performances, training, and community programs for all people. This foundation exists to support, sustain, and further the wide range of beautiful forms of Indian dances to the Northern parts of the America. As important as its artistic and educational mission, this performing arts foundation wishes to play a social role, by using the medium of dance to unite cultures and people of all races, ages and backgrounds.

Guiding Star Dance Foundation is a registered non-profit, public charity 501(c)(3) organization recognized by Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Contributions to Guiding Star Dance Foundation are tax deductible.


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